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I grew up when the US Middle Class was expanding and prospering. What my decades-long studies in economics, history, and the environment has taught me is that we are now facing an administration attempting to further shrink the middle class and garner 50% or more of the US wealth to themselves. For decades, their billions spent on propaganda has convinced many Americans that they will benefit from a small ultra wealthy class running our governments and economy. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

My promise to Wisconsin’s 63rd district is to be a dedicated public servant to our communities. Rise up, Wisconsin!


Joel Jacobsen
Candidate for State Assembly
Wisconsin’s 63rd District

About Joel



Joel has been married 37 years to his wife Jerie Moe, a Burlington native. They have two children, both graduates of Wisconsin universities, and have lived in Burlington for 24 years.

Joel graduated with BS in Finance and Economics at UW-LaCrosse and has had a career spanning many industries including insurance, real estate and hospitality. He brings the experience of being a Alderman for the City of Burlington to the Wisconsin Assembly.


Where He Stands

Affordable Health Care

Republican attacks on ACA at the federal level are leading to premium increases on those that can least afford it. With the confusing and punitive Badger Care rules, we can expect an increase in bad policies and many middle and working class Wisconsinites falling through cracks, especially in the expanding low paying gig economy and those who lose corporate coverage.

School Safety

The Walker administration wants to spend a portion of $100 million to train teachers on fire arm use. More guns have only created more problems. The NRA, pumping millions into Wisconsin Republican coffers, has repeatedly used fear and misinformation to promote the sale of more dangerous weapons with the increasing risk of dangerous individuals having access to defacto weapons of war, not for sport or hunting.

Cannabis Legalization

Polls indicated 59% of Wisconsin citizens favor cannabis being regulated like alcohol. The New Prohibition has led to untold human misery on families while unnecessarily taxing the police, judicial, and prison systems in Wisconsin. Medical cannabis regulations to address the opioid crisis and allow a  greater number of patients should be enacted as quickly as possible. 

Protecting the Environment 

Wisconsin is an original world pioneer in environmental awareness and action. Now under the current administration’s corporate anti-science agenda, we are going backwards. Wisconsin needs to rectify the damage already done and move towards a 21st century green future.

Women’s Health and Pro Choice

Half of unplanned pregnancies are the result of women not being able to access women’s health services. Wisconsin needs to expand pre-natal care, child care services for mothers with young children, contraception access, and sex education.

Student Debt

 We have hamstrung a generation that would be buying homes and creating new businesses with crippling student debt. We can work towards reducing that debt and help propel a new generation of Wisconsinites towards middle class prosperity.

Wisconsin's 63rd District:

  • Burlington
  • Dover
  • Rochester
  • Union Grove
  • Yorkville
  • Sections of Mount Pleasant, Sturtevant and the Township of Burlington

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